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May 14th-BWNR Returns to Its Roots

Starting on February 1, 2019 BWNR returned to its roots as a multiple genre, independent artist only internet radio station.[…]

May 1st-Lee Reviews: the Koniac Net – “They finally Herd Us”

Here at Bandwagon Network Radio, when you mention the name The Koniac Net, you automatically think of the facts that they were the first international band played on BWNR, their song, “Rose Coloured Glasses”, was the fourth song ever aired on BWNR, and “Chasing After You” was BWNR’s 2015 Rock Song Of The Year. Those things are huge when it comes to such an iconic band […]

April 1st-Lee Reviews: Nathan Bryce & Loaded Dice – “Nathan Bryce & Loaded Dice”

From the moment “JJ Hector” begins, Nathan Bryce and Loaded Dice showcase their second to none brand of Blues Rock songs, and the self titled album never let’s up! Definitely some of the best songwriting and best guitar work around![…]

March 2nd-Lee Reviews: Orbis Max – “A Pocketfull Of Tunes”

From the moment I began listening to Orbis Max “A Pocketfull Of Tunes”, I was taken back to a time in my younger days when life was so simple and music started to mold the inner musician inside and pushed the realization that I had a dream to become someone akin to my heroes, the bands that would forever hold a part of my heart so dearly[…]