The northern hemisphere is turning cold but we’ll be keeping things hot here at BWNR with a lot of new music, albums and bands. New show “My favorite songs of all time….Right this second!” WILL start airing every week starting in December.


Lee Miller Reviews: the December Album of the Month

By Lee Miller – Bristol, TN USA

Daggerplay – “Subterranean Reality”

Coming out of Finland, this band knows how to rock it! Click the link above to read Lee’s review. Listen to the album in its entirety on 9 December at 7pm CT USA!

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December CD Showcase

12/9 – Daggerplay – “Subterranean Reality”

12/16 – Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate – “Out of Mind”

12/23 – Jackknife Stiletto – “Chronicles of Jane Vol 1 & Vol 2”

                                   12/30 – Promethium – “Faces of War”