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July 1st – KLIF Notes: I Am Not A Podcaster

I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to explain that over the past 5 years when talking to people about Bandwagon Network Radio.[…]

July 1st – Lee Reviews: Shadowfields – “Festival For One”

“Awake” begins Shadowfields’ absolutely amazing new release, “Festival For One”, an album full of the most brilliant songwriting and some of the best music, vocals, and vocal harmonies I have ever heard in my life![…]


June 1st – Lee Reviews: The Iveys – “Colors of Honey”

The Iveys hail from a state where everything is considered to be bigger and believe me when I say that they are truly larger than life. Four of the five members of The Iveys are brothers and sisters;[…]

June 1st – Submissions are officially re-opened

Today is the first day of the new procedures and policies for The Bandwagon Network Radio. Please make sure you read them before sending music to the station on the Submit Music page.

May 30 – BWNR Reopening Music Submissions

Bandwagon Network Radio(BWNR) announced today that the procedures for submitting will be changing.[…]

May 14th-BWNR Returns to Its Roots

Starting on February 1, 2019 BWNR returned to its roots as a multiple genre, independent artist only internet radio station.[…]

May 1st-Lee Reviews: the Koniac Net – “They finally Herd Us”

Here at Bandwagon Network Radio, when you mention the name The Koniac Net, you automatically think of the facts that they were the first international band played on BWNR, their song, “Rose Coloured Glasses”, was the fourth song ever aired on BWNR, and “Chasing After You” was BWNR’s 2015 Rock Song Of The Year. Those things are huge when it comes to such an iconic band […]