Lee Miller Reviews: Jackknife Stiletto "Chronicles of Jane Volumes 1 & 2

"Malicious Joy" is the English translation of the German word Schadenfreude, and from the moment the needle drops on Jackknife Stiletto's "Chronicles Of Jane Volume 1" and the drums, bassline, and harmony vocals kick in on "opening track "She Said Whoa", you know that your ears are in for a deliciously tasty and raucous treat of some of the best Rock and Punk Rock fueled music you've ever heard.[...]

Music Modernization Act - How it affects the Artists & Digital Webcasters

This doesn't just affect US artists but also ANY artist aired on ANY online webcaster radio stations from iHeart all the way down to little old Bandwagon Network Radio[...]

Bandwagon Updates Music Submission Requirements

"Since Bandwagon was created for the independent musicians of the world, we've done everything we could to support any efforts to ensure they are rewarded for their creativity. The Music Modernization Act changes things."[...]