Lee Reviews: SheWolF – “The Other Side”







by 🐺 Lee Miller– Musician/Songwriter Bristol, TN USA 🐺

Consisting of three amazing and talented triplet sisters, SheWolF is an Australian Rock band with a whole lot to offer. One listen to their music will have you hooked and make you a believer in what they have set out to do. SheWolF bring it and will leave you wanting more. They are just that great of a band!

The first time I heard them was on Bandwagon Network Radio, and I immediately stopped what I was doing and just listened. I was completely blown away by their musical talent, mesmerized by the infectious grooves that they possessed in their songwriting capabilities! These girls can Rock! There’s absolutely no denying this!

That day, the song that I heard was from their debut EP. Today, I have just finished listening to their new debut album, “The Other Side”, and write this review during a third play through of this Rock album masterpiece. I loved their first outing, but this new album is leaps and bounds beyond that awesome collection of songs! “The Other Side” is what a straight ahead Rock album should be.

The ten song masterpiece, with music written by drummer Nikki Vlahos and lead vocalist Serena Vlahos, kicks off with “Just Pretend”, one of my favorite songs from the album, and it just never lets up. Title track “The Other Side” is the ballad rocker on the album, and it delivers a knockout punch that you won’t soon forget. People will be talking about all of these songs and how awesome this band is for years to come!

The awesome range of lead vocalist Serena Vlahos truly shines throughout “The Other Side”, while Cassandra Vlahos’ lead guitar just smokes on every track, and being a guitarist myself I can attest to her greatness. Nikki Vlahos’ drums add a strength to this band that reminds me of such greats like Iron Maiden’s Nicko McBrain holding down the rhythm.

I also want to mention Alicia Thomson’s and Alex Richmond’s stellar bass playing on this album, along with the harmony vocals on every one of the songs. I can’t say enough about the sheer musicianship of all of these talented individuals! All of these things that I have mentioned are prevalent on each and every track on the album, but especially on my absolute favorite song, “Circles”. I absolutely love this song! This song, for me, has hit song written all over it, and I’d put it up against anything that bands like The Pretty Reckless have done.

Other stand out songs for me are “Want You Anyway”, “Don’t Need You Tonight”, and “One Last Kiss”. All of these songs are hit songs on every level and should garner the band the attention that they well deserve. This is a band that wants to be heard, and in my opinion, needs to be heard all over the world!

I have heard a lot of bands that are either fronted by a female lead singer or consist of all female members, but it’s been quite a while since I’ve heard one with talent and musicianship of this caliber. I have seen a few videos of this band playing “live”, and believe me when I say that they are a force to be reckoned with!

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would have to give this awesome band, and this amazing album, “The Other Side”, a solid 11, because that’s what you should have cranked your stereo up to after you buy this album! SheWolF break the sound barrier and they are poised and ready to Rock you, and have you howling at the moon! Awesome job to one of my new favorite Rock bands in this world!!!!! SheWolF Absolutely Rocks!!!!!


  1. hi,lee.thanks for the great review.im from australia and these girls are my fave band.im at almost every gig and they are even better in a live setting.i would love to see them do shows in the states as its obviously a bigger market.if you ever holiday in australia,come to see them.you would be very welcome.stewart

    • Hi Stewart!
      Thank you so very much for the comment! I am happy to have gotten a comment from a true fan of the band! SheWolF definitely has what it takes to make it big and I for one would love to see them in the states!
      If I ever get the opportunity to holiday in Australia, I will definitely go to one of their shows! Hopefully, I’ll see you there.
      Thank you, again, for leaving a comment! ~Lee

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