BWNR Announces New Show

After airing basically the same three shows the past 2-3 years, BWNR has been working behind the scenes to come up with some new programing ideas.

So after some careful thought, I think it’s okay that I be selfish with this one. So here it is:

“My Favorite BWNR Songs of All Time……..Right this Second”

TA-DA! Okay, so I didn’t totally think this up all by myself. I’m a big sports fan & I watch the ESPN morning show “Get Up”. It hasn’t exactly been a great show, but whatever. Once a week they were doing a segment with a similar name like “my favorite athlete…… So I thought I’d “borrow it”…sort of.

How does this thing work?

Well, I spend a lot of time on the station reviewing songs, emailing and messaging bands & promotion sites every day. So like a good little “fan” of BWNR, I usually have a headset on as well as the station playing on computer2. Yes I’m that music & computer “geeky”. In my defense, it takes both of them to bring you the great music we play.

When a song gets stuck in my head due to just a great new song or even my mood, or a life situation happens, I might play it 2 or 3 times (or more). So why not turn it into to a 100% self-indulgent 1 hour once a week show! Each week I’ll pick 10-12 songs that I happened to get into during the prior week and tell you all about them. Like it? Well, read on!

So When Does It Start?

What better time than the rock fan’s favorite month of the year. The month that lends its name perfectly to the genre – “ROCKTOBER. That’s right! I’ll pick a day to start it after October 1st and let you know…….

Leave comments below if you want to help pick the day of the week! Or whatever you have to say! #MusicIsLife