Lee Reviews: The Crushing Violets-“Ghost Fields”








by Lee Miller – Bristol, TN USA

There’s a lot to be said about bands that have diversity in their music. They are artists that feed off of one another’s creativity, and bring out the best in each other. That can be said of The Crushing Violets. You can hear it in every note of their album, “Ghost Fields”.

Formed in 2014 in Mattituck, New York by BP and Antanina Brooks. Quickly, their vision became a reality, fusing Rock with energetic melodies, along with lyrics that are both magical and mystical. It’s a place where Rock music meets Americana, Folk music meets bands like Ten Years After, and Psychedelic music of the late sixties, early seventies like Jefferson Airplane meets the “Even Flow” era of Pearl Jam.

Their album “Ghost Fields” is a haunting masterpiece, and a collection of eight diverse and yet defining songs. The cover of the album illicits the journey you are about to take upon the albums first listen. I hear so many influences in The Crushing Violets music, even though they are on an ethereal plane all their own. This is evident upon listening to songs like “Strange Voices” and “The Raft”.

“Black Mountain” reminds me so much of the Stone Temple Pilots, in a way, and just has that vibe about it. I love this song! Next up on my favorites list is “Without A Name”. Antanina’s voice truly shines on this song. Both she and BP pour out their hearts and souls on every song on the album. I have to mention the awesome slide guitar work and guitar solo on the album opener, “Bare Trees”. Simply amazing!

Both musically, and lyrically, “Ghost Fields”, has it all. It can be dark and brooding, but yet filled with love, light, and peace. Very poetic in nature throughout. That very aspect is heard on album closer, “That’s My Desire”. A fitting way to end a wonderful album. If you haven’t heard The Crushing Violets “Ghost Fields”, you need to! Congrats to the band on a stellar release!