BWNR Now Licensed To Broadcast Thru 2019

Bandwagon Network Radio is happy to announce that the station is now registered to broadcast through 2019 thanks to the station’s supporters. Under US Copyright Laws, in order to legally broadcast music, BWNR is required to pay a yearly minimum fee of $500 to Sound Exchange who then issues a license that allows us to air & support independent music from around the world.

“Every January we’ve reached out to our fans and artists to help us continue broadcasting and every year they’ve responded & kept us going.”, said Cliff Broyhill, founder and  Operations Directer. “I’m always both amazed and humbled by the support this station gets. We’ve never tried to make any money from this but I’ve always stuck with it and made sure we sent in the reports that get artists paid for their work.”, he added.

Since the US passed the Music Modernization Act in October 2018, BWNR has had an even bigger challenge. Getting the correct information in key areas is one of them. Especially, the publisher (songwriter or Copyright holder) and the ISRC number for each track.

“Because of things I’ve learned in the past 3-4 months, I’ve been making an effort to reach out on Social Media and through the BWNR website to make sure everyone understands what this means. So fortunately, being licensed directly with Sound Exchange gives us a head start. Our goal is to make sure every artist we air gets the information needed to collect those royalties.”, he said. “Sound Exchange is the collector in the US by law so having an account with them is critical no matter what other PRO you are registered with worldwide.”, he added.

On May 25, 2019 BWNR will celebrate their 5th anniversary of broadcasting and has several things in works over the next few months that will add even more reasons choose BWNR for your Indie Music Station.

“In August BWNR added a monthly feature with our Album of the Month and it has been a big hit. Lee Miller, who has been a supporter and also musician on BWNR since 2015, has definitely made an impression when he agreed to write reviews for us as well. Right now, it’s for the Album of the Month, but hopefully we can add another person or two that wants to contribute with more of those.”, Cliff told us. “We are also considering adding shows from other sources, our “Best of 2018″ is coming soon as well as something I can’t publicize at the moment.”

Bandwagon Network radio is an independent internet radio station that broadcasts 24 hours a day; 7 days week. It has been designed to stream only independent artists and independent label music and has done that since its creation in 2014. With artists from around the world, it has grown each year and has always stuck by the vision of being one of the only full-time webcasters not associated with any corporation or company.