BWNR Updates Music Submission Requirements

BWNR updated their music submission requirements in order to follow some of the changes made when the US signed the new Music Modernization Act into law October 2018.

“Since Bandwagon was created for the independent musicians of the world, we’ve done everything we could to support any efforts to ensure they are rewarded for their creativity. The Music Modernization Act changes things.” said Cliff Broyhill, BWNR Operations. “In fact, I think the station has gone down the right path to do that since the beginning.”, he added.

Sound Exchange Big Part of the future of US royalty collections

Part of the act states that Sound Exchange is “in charge” of collecting royalties from every digital broadcaster from IHeart Media down to internet stations like BWNR. Part of getting that streamlined is the ISRC database, a code that identifies EXACTLY who owns the work. Stations like Bandwagon, provide part of that database each month with Reports of Use (or Royalty Reports as it were) but without the codes OR the artist being registered which is free-of-charge, there is no way to send out the royalties.

The changes made to the BWNR requirements are located on the Music Submission page which is on the menu or you can click here.