Lee Reviews: Jackknife Stiletto – “Chronicles of Jane Volumes 1 & 2”






By Lee Miller – Musician/Songwriter from Bristol, TN USA

“Malicious Joy” is the English translation of the German word Schadenfreude, and from the moment the needle drops on Jackknife Stiletto’s “Chronicles Of Jane Volume 1” and the drums, bassline, and harmony vocals kick in on “opening track “She Said Whoa”, you know that your ears are in for a deliciously tasty and raucous treat of some of the best Rock and Punk Rock fueled music you’ve ever heard. Hailing from New York City, the trio of Annie Stoic, Mel Funk, and Foxy Roxy are making music that is balls to the wall kick ass in every aspect! They know how to Rock and it shows on both volumes of “Chronicles Of Jane”!

There are times when I can hear the Joan Jett influence, but these girls are definitely showing how talented they are when it comes to creating their own music and representing the angst that drives them to be one of the best independent Rock bands in the land! The second track on “Volume 1” is “My Future Ex”, and it shows the bands diversity! They can go from Punk Rock to a Sabbath and Metallica influenced vibe as fast as a punch to the throat, never missing a beat! I absolutely love these girls!!!!! They are on top of their game, and are blazing a trail for other female Rockers. One look at the tours that they’ve been on and you’ll see that they’ve been Rocking out with some of the best in the land.

High spirited, volatile, face melting Rock with attitude and melody is what Jackknife Stiletto is all about, and letting the music do the talking is exactly what they do. There’s more to this band than just three beautiful young women! They’re a band that will pull you in with a beautiful, melodic vocal and kick your ass the next second!

Track four of “Chronicles Of Jane Volume 1” is a cover of the Spice Girls “Wannabe”, and I’ve just got to say that it blew me away! Annie, Mel, and Roxy make this song their own and turn everything up to 10 on this! One of the best covers I have ever heard! “Schadenfreude” ends this first collection of kick ass tunes of “Malicious Joy”, and brings me to their latest release “Chronicles Of Jane Volume 2”.

“Heart In A Holding Cell” kicks off “Volume 2” with bar chords ringing, thundering drums and bass, and a sexy vocal that dominates throughout the song in climactic fashion, segueing into the nonstop let up of “I Don’t Know”, and “Drama King”.

The guitar work on “No Obligation ” is absolutely stellar, especially the solo break! Definitely one of my favorite tracks!

I cannot say enough about the trio of Annie, Mel, and Roxy! They are amazing!!!!! All of the guitars, bass guitar, drums, and vocals are just freaking stellar! Definitely a band that can Rock the stratosphere, and a band with an enormously bright future! There’s no doubt about it…..Jackknife Stiletto ROCKS!!!!! 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

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