BWNR Reopens Music Submissions

Submissions resume June 1, 2019
Submissions only accepted if received using new procedure
Digital Album submissions will no longer be accepted

May 30, 2019 Ash Grove, Missouri, USA – Bandwagon Network Radio(BWNR) announced today that the procedures for submitting will be changing. In an effort to improve the quality of the totally independent radio station, and improve support of it’s Worldwide Indie Roster, BWNR has decided that several changes were needed to reach that goal.

Starting on June 1, 2019, all submissions must be submitted following the procedures on the revised music submission page. On that date, any airplay request received by any other method such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger or mailing list will not be accepted. If accepted, the submitter will also have to pay a small processing fee to get their single airplay.

“For 5 years, the station has been supporting the Independent Artist Music Industry with very little outside financial support.”, said Cliff Broyhill, founder of The Bandwagon Network. “The only time BWNR has reached out to the public for help is each January when we need to raise funds to pay our licensing fee which in turn helps pay the royalties to the artists who can then get them by registering with Sound Exchange.”, he added.

Even though BWNR has returned to its “roots” of accepting all types of music, the station wants to give the fans the best. Artists who are serious about their work.

“The ones the go grind it out at the local, regional, and sometimes the national level. The ones that take the time to go into a studio and do it the professional way.”, he said.

“Because the station is worldwide, there are expenses that can no longer be absorbed by myself and my wife. So these changes are necessary in order to continue the vision and growth of BWNR.”, Cliff stated. “We are not doing this to make money because we never have. Hopefully, the artists we work with currently, and in the future are professional understand that and continue to support us.”, he added.

Founded in 2014, Bandwagon Network Radio is a 100% independent worldwide internet radio station owned and operated by Cliff Broyhill that is legally broadcasting 24/7 via its license granted by Sound Exchange, USA.