Lee Reviews: The Iveys-“Colors of Honey”

By Lee Miller – Musician/Songwriter from Bristol, TN USA

The Iveys hail from a state where everything is considered to be bigger and believe me when I say that they are truly larger than life. Four of the five members of The Iveys are brothers and sisters; the fifth member, Sam, is married to co-lead vocalist Jessica.

And for this group of very talented artists and songwriters their brand of Americana and Indie Folk music is a much needed sound, and one that is hugely based upon their intricate songwriting and beautiful harmonies.

Songs that brim with melodies and hooks the likes of bands such as Matchbox Twenty and even Alison Kraus and UnionStation. And this reference of Matchbox Twenty brings me to the first track on their new CD, “Colors Of Honey”.

When I first heard “You’ve Got Something”, I was completely blown away! The twang of the lead guitar at the beginning of the song truly sets it up and speaking of Matchbox Twenty, lead vocalist Arlen sounds a bit like Rob Thomas on this song. Pair that amazing vocal with the beautiful harmony vocals that you find throughout every song on this album and soon you’ll be wanting to hear this song again and again.

This song quickly made me a huge fan of this group and its five members. Maybe five has a significance here. After all, five is the number for grace, and it seems as if the additional members on this new outing have led this group to something truly special and put them upon a spiritual plane of existence that not many bands or groups ever attain.

The second song, “Whatever Comes” is absolutely ethereal in the way that it melds the pedal steel guitar, acoustic guitars and swirling harmony vocals to a Heavenly destination. This song, to me, is all about what a parent would tell his or her child.

Believe in yourself, your dreams, and take “Whatever Comes” your way. I can’t say enough about this song, or any of the songs on this absolutely wonderful release. They are all truly stellar creations!

“Running Wild” paints a beautiful portrait of falling in love and how it can make even the oldest of souls feels like a child again. One of the most amazing vocals on the album and some of the best music you will ever hear!

Leading into the albums title track, “Colors Of Honey”. This song reminds me of the passing seasons and the many colors and facets of life as we grow older. It takes the listener upon a journey of epic proportions and is magnificent in its structure.

“Colors Of Honey” is an album that everyone can relate to. From start to finish an amazing album full of life, love, remembering, and even sadness. As detailed in the last two tracks, “King And Marie”, and the truly touching a capella song, “The Dream”, which ends somberly with a lone piano playing its outro.

The Iveys have something truly special here with their new album, “Colors Of Honey”. Breathtaking in every sense of the word and a journey that I feel so very blessed to have been given the opportunity to not only listen to, but be taken upon. They are a group that will be around for a long time and I hope to be fortunate enough to see where their bright future takes them!

As the June BWNR Featured Album of the Month,”Colors of Honey” will be aired in its entirety Sunday June 9th starting at 7PM CT USA on BWNR’s “Sunday CD Showcase” program.

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