Lee Reviews: REDWOLVES – “Future Becomes Past”

By Lee Miller – Musician/Songwriter Bristol, TN USA

Whether you want to call Copenhagen’s REDWOLVES a Classic Rock band or Modern Rock band, it is definitely apparent that Rock music is their forte and they are damn good at it! After listening to their latest release, “Future Becomes Past”, I can say without a doubt that with all of the past influences that I hear in their music, they are solidifying their brand of Rock in both the present and upcoming future! This is what Rock music is all about!

Vocalist Rasmus Cundell , guitarist Simon Stenbæk, bassist Nicholas Randy Tesla , and drummer Kasper Rebien bring the Rock on “Future Becomes Past”. The first track on the album, “Plutocracy” has some of the best freaking vocals I have ever heard! Vocals that hit the stratosphere. Almost reminding me of a band back in the late 70’s early 80’s called April Wine. 

That brings me to REDWOLVES songwriting. They have some of the best songs, both musically and lyrically, around, and after a couple of listens to this album, I am completely hooked on everything that they have brought to the table on this release! 

The guitar riffs on “The Abyss” are awesome and the song kicks ass! Not to mention that the song before this one, “Rigid Generation”, has everything you’d want to hear in a killer Rock song! The guitar work throughout the album just smokes on every level! As well as the vocals, and pounding rhythm section! 

The song “Fenris”, I believe, is derived from The Fenris Wolf, a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, based on Fenrir from Norse mythology. The Fenris was powerful and I believe that REDWOLVES are just as powerful as that Mythological character! There’s not one song on “Future Becomes Past” that isn’t strong, and masterpieces like “The Pioneer” and “Voyagers” abound!

In a world where there are a million or more Rock bands, REDWOLVES stand out from the pack, leaders in their own right. If you’re looking for an epic Rock album, get your hands on “Future Becomes Past”! 

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