The Bandwagon Network RadioWhy are we called Bandwagon Network Radio?

Because the idea of creating an Independent Artist music radio network without the use of “mainstream” music seemed so original to us, we were trying to think about what to call it when one day the phrase “the bandwagon effect” came up. It seemed to fit in the sense of “If you build it, they will come.” attitude, so we decided on The Bandwagon Network with the idea of  “Jump on the Bandwagon and get your music heard”.

Later on, we added Radio to the end and kept reaching out to as many bands as we could on MySpace, Reverbnation, Facebook and elsewhere. We had artists sending us music before we even had a computer to run it from! As of the end of 2016, we have been contacted by well over 1000 musicians!

What Is Bandwagon Network Radio All About?

We are located in Ash Grove, Missouri USA. A small town in the southern part of the state that is known as the Ozarks. We are self-funded and family operated and rely on donations from our listeners. Bandwagon Network Radio is all about independent music. We are one of the only 24/7 internet radio stations that offers this style of broadcasting.

Unlike the major radio corporations, we give consideration to most music genres for airplay in a mixed format. We do our best to recreate a true radio environment at all times. We play the music in a mixed format but feature individual artists throughout the week during the evening.

What is our vision?

To create the best musician oriented internet radio station on the planet with an emphasis on promoting the bands efforts
first through the use of social media and on the air to the best of our abilities.

Contact Us:

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