BWNR Programming


At Bandwagon Network, we’ve created programs based on some the programming created during the time when radio was great. First we air them live and then rebroadcast them so that they can be heard around the world too. All time are based on BWNR’s location in the USA and the local time in London, England, and Melbourne Australia.

Can’t make it the night of the programs or during the rebroadcast hours? Don’t worry about it. The programs are recorded for the rebroadcast times, but also so you can listen to the show any time by using the PODCAST section of the BWNR APP and the website player in the PODCAST section. Each show is available for 2 weeks following the original broadcast.

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“Daytime Hours”

Keeping with our multi-genre program style, during the USA daytime hours as well as overnight, we air the best Independent label and Unsigned Indie Artists from around the world. Weeknight or weekday, you never know what you might hear!

From Pop, Americana, Folk, Celtic, Country/Country Rock and Bluegrass to Blues &    all genres of Rock and Metal too. You never know what you will hear next.

Sunday CD Showcase Program“Sunday CD Showcase”

Each week join us when we feature artists by playing the entire album non-stop – our tribute to Album Rock Stations in the 70s and 80s.

Triple Play Tonight Program“Triple Play Tonight”

Our most popular programs. Each Tuesday night, we air 3 songs in a row from 3 featured artists per hour starting at 7pm Central Time USA until 10pm!

Rockin' the Weekend Program“Rockin’ the Weekend”

Rock takes over the station every Friday night starting at 7pm CT USA until 7am CT USA the next morning. And….Rock Shots!…Friday’s show includes two in a row from great Rock, Blues and Metal Bands! Then we do it all over again on Saturday night at 7pm CT USA! Pop Rock, Classic, Alt, Metal, Hard Rock! You name it, we got it! If you are a die-hard rock fan, this is the place to be for 12 hours each night!


Our 3 main shows: Sunday Cd Showcase, Triple Play Tonight, and Rockin’ the Weekend are all recorded and not only rebroadcast later, but did you know you can listen to them anytime via the nice Podcast feature in our FREE Android app (if you don’t have the FREE Android app, download it HERE).