Bandwagon Network Radio airs a wide variety of music 24/7 and produces 3 weekly shows First we air them live and then rebroadcast them two more times each week so that they can be heard during daytime and evening hours in other areas around the world. All show times are based on the Central Time Zone in the USA and the local time in London, England, and Melbourne Australia. Follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our events to keep up to date about each week's show.



"Daytime Hours"

Keeping with our multi-genre program style, during the USA daytime hours as well as overnight, we air the best Independent label and Unsigned Indie Artists from around the world. Weeknight or weekday, you never know what you might hear! From Pop, Americana, Folk, Celtic, Country- Bluegrass to Rock, Metal, and Blues, you never know what you will hear next.


"Sunday CD Showcase"

Each week, we air two or more albums  from various featured artists and different genres from around the world.



  • Sunday - 7PM CT USA (Live); UK: 1AM (M) ; Melbourne: 10AM (M)
  • Monday - 1PM CT USA (Repeat); UK: 7PM (Mon); Melbourne: 5AM (Tu)
  • Tuesday - 2AM CT USA (Repeat); UK: 9AM (Tues); Melbourne: 7PM (Tu)



"Twofer Tuesday"

Our most popular program. Each Tuesday night, we air 2 songs in a row from 4 featured artists per hour starting at 7pm Central Time USA until 10pm!


  • Tuesday -  7PM CT USA (Live); UK: 1AM (W); Melbourne: 10AM (W)
  • Wednesday - 1PM CT USA (Repeat); UK: 7PM (W); Melbourne: 5AM (TH)
  • Thursday - 2AM CT USA (Repeat); UK: 9AM (TH); Melbourne: 7PM (TH)


Rockin' the Weekend Program"Rockin' the Weekend"

Rock takes over the station every Friday night starting at 7pm CT USA until 7am CT USA the next morning. And....Rock Shots!...Friday's show includes two in a row from great Rock, Blues and Metal Bands! Then we do it all over again on Saturday night at 7pm CT USA! Pop Rock, Classic, Alt, Metal, Hard Rock! You name it, we got it! If you are a die-hard rock fan, this is the place to be for 12 hours each night!


  • Friday -  7PM CT USA (Live); UK: 1AM (Sa); Melbourne: 10AM (Sa)
  • Sunday - 1PM CT USA (Repeat); UK: 7PM (Su); Melbourne: 5AM (M)
  • Monday - 2AM CT USA (Repeat); UK: 9AM (M); Melbourne: 7PM (M)



Our 3 main shows: Sunday CD Showcase, Twofer Tuesday, and Rockin' the Weekend are all recorded and not only rebroadcast later, but now you can listen to them right on your desktop, tablet, or phone! Nothing to download! It's located on the home page, And.. so is the NEW podcast player! Listen to any them anywhere! It will always feature the latest show but just click to get a list of prior episodes. Each show is available for 14 days from the original broadcast date.


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