BWNR Show Descriptions

KLIF’s Note: Unlike podcasters, Bandwagon Network Radio airs music 24/7; 365 days a year. All show times are based on the Central Time Zone in the USA and the local time in London, England, and Melbourne Australia. Follow us on social media to keep up to date.

Special Programming

“Italy to Ireland”

Time: 1AM CT USA

“London to Lisbon”

Time: 2AM CT USA

“Today’s Sounds”

Time: 3AM CT USA

“Moscow to Madrid”

Time: 4AM CT USA

“Wakeup! Morning Music”

Time: 7AM CT USA

“Musik & Film Presents…”

Time: 12PM CT USA

“Afternoon Music Break”

Time: 3PM CT USA

“Around the World In 60 Minutes”

Time: 5PM CT USA

“Midnite Magic Hour”

Time: 11PM CT USA

Bandwagon Network Radio Programming

“Daily Programming”

During the hours BWNR isn’t running the special programs listed above, we air music from around the world all day & all night! All genres; all the time!

View the Daily Schedule for more information.


“Sunday CD Showcase”

Every week, we air one or two albums or EPs  from  around the world. Follow us on Facebook to find out who we are featuring each week.


Sunday – 7PM CT USA (Live); UK: 1AM (M) ; Melbourne: 10AM (M)

Monday – 1PM CT USA (Repeat);UK: 7PM (M); Melbourne: 4AM (TU)

Tuesday – 5AM CT USA (Repeat); UK: 11AM (TU); Melbourne: 8PM (TU)

“Twofer Tuesday”

Our most popular program. Each Tuesday night, we air 2 songs in a row by the same artist – 3-4 times an hour for 3 hours! Featuring new music from the current bands plus the debut of brand new artists each week.


Tuesday – 7PM CT USA (Live); UK: 1AM (TU) ; Melbourne: 10AM (TU)

Wednesday – 1PM CT USA (Repeat);UK: 7PM (TH); Melbourne: 4AM (TH)

Thursday – 5AM CT USA (Repeat); UK: 11AM (TH); Melbourne: 8PM (TH)