How to submit your music

Information Requested

There are several things we require before considering your music for airplay on our station. We accept original music or cover songs. Because we are licensed under the rules set up by the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board and registered with Sound Exchange for the purpose of reporting the songs that we play, we would appreciate it if you could provide us with as much of the following information you can to help us when we consider airing your music.

  • Name of Band/Artist
  • Title of Song(s)
  • Album Title
  • Publisher(copyright owner)
  • Label Name or Independent
  • Bio/EPK
  • Social Media Links
  • Main Contact Name
  • ISRC numbers (OPTIONAL) – for more Information about International Standard Recording Codes, go here: ISRC Info.

Email this information to: (please use “Music Submission” in the subject line) and we will reply shortly.

Special Note Concerning Albums

We understand the costs to produce and create CDs, but if you would like to send a physical copy of your album to us, it helps us when we decide which albums to feature on our “Sunday CD Showcase” program. The reason we would like to have a physical copy is so we can play the whole album as one long audio file. We can not by regulation, play each individual track in a row. If this is okay for you, email us at to get the postal address.

It’s Easy and Free!

At BWNR we are totally about the musicians and artists so we NEVER ask you to pay us to air your music. So consider our station to get on one of the best 24/7 “Worldwide Independent Artist ONLY Radio Station” on the planet!


Submission of your work does not guarantee airplay but does imply that you agree to let us air your music with no obligations on the part of BWNR as far as monetary consideration above that which is required by the U.S. Copyright Office in regards to royalties which we are required to pay monthly via our license from Sound Exchange. BWNR assumes no publishing rights to any musician’s work by airing it, but may ask for permission to use the music we decide to air on Compilation CDs which will only be used to raise funds to cover our yearly fees and modest expenses.