How to Submit Your Music

Basic Information

As a US licensed internet radio broadcaster, BWNR is required to let you know we are authorized through a license granted by Sound Exchange. As such, the station submits monthly reports of the songs aired on the station to Sound Exchange. You will be paid airplay royalties by Sound Exchange.

Information Requested

There are several things we require before considering your music for airplay on our station. We accept original music or legally licensed covers.

After reading ALL of the information on this page, provide the following information when you fill out the submission form at the bottom:

  • Name of Band/Artist
  • Main Contact Name
  • Artist Facebook link
  • 1 song ONLY – MP3 preferred bitrate: 320kbps or M4a

Use “Music Submission” as the subject.


When submitting MP3 format songs, it is recommended that the following information is EMBEDDED(Encoded) into the MP3 file. An editor BWNR has used is MP3Tag. It allows you to add all of the information below and it’s FREE!

  • Title
  • Artist/Contributing artist
  • Album
  • Publisher/Copyright holder(s) – ALL of them; especially if it is a cover.
  • Not required but strongly recommended: the ISRC code Click here for more information
  • Note: Submission of a cover will require you to provide a copy of the license agreement that you received showing it’s licensed with the original artist

Any submissions that do not follow the above requirements will not be considered for airplay. Do Not send multiple emails – one song only.

What Happens Next

If BWNR accepts your submission, you will be contacted by email with further information. If accepted for airplay, you will be notified by email. Since we are 24/7 and bound by US broadcasting rules, BWNR does not post playlists in advance of airing but will let you know the first time your song airs.

More details will be provided upon request.

What We Do To Support Your Music

When we first get new music, we try to schedule it to receive as much airplay as possible within the limits of copyright laws and statutes BWNR is required to abide by in the USA. We do that by using the following:

  • 2 Spins per day for 30 Days(keep in mind BWNR broadcasts 24/7)
  • Song Featured on “New Music Monday” program
  • Daily Spin for the next 30 days after that (listener response will keep the song in rotation after the 1st 60 days from acceptance date)
  • Spins Counts submitted for inclusion on various Indie Music Charts worldwide

Submission of your music does guarantee airplay. Submission does imply that you agree to let us air your music with no monetary obligations on the part of BWNR above that which is required by U.S. Copyright Laws. We are licensed through Sound Exchange and we pay the current royalty rate set by the Copyright Royalties Board on a monthly basis. BWNR assumes no publishing rights to any musician’s work by airing it.

By clicking the button below and submitting music for airplay, I acknowledge that I have read the above information and I agree to the terms listed above.