Music Submission

As of February 8, 2019 – Any music submitted that does not meet the BWNR requirements will not be considered for airplay.


Due to changes in the US Copyright Laws set forth by the Music Modernization Act signed into law October, 2018, Bandwagon Network Radio(BWNR) has made changes to what we require before we can consider airing your music on our station. For information and links read the BWNR Post here. One of the biggest changes is regarding music created before 1972 – it is now a requirement to pay royalties.

These changes were made to 100% protect the musical rights of musicians, songwriters, recording artists, and producers. BWNR applauds this & supports every bit of it since we are a totally Independent internet radio station that supports only independent music, and to us, this benefits them the most.

Since royalties generated from BWNR airplay is submitted to Sound Exchange each month, the station has many requirements to ensure that they get the correct information from us. Note: in order to receive these royalties, even if you are a member of another PRO or service that collects them for you, any royalties generated from being aired in the US may be impossible to collect if you are not registered with Sound Exchange.

Information Requested

There are several things we require before considering your music for airplay on our station. We accept original music or cover songs. Because we are licensed under the rules set up by the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board and registered with Sound Exchange for the purpose of reporting the songs that we play, we would appreciate it if you could provide us with as much of the following information you can to help us when we consider airing your music.

  • *Name of Band/Artist
  • *Title of Song(s)
  • Album Title(“Single” if not part of an album)
  • Original Work or Cover – if you submit a cover, you have to provide ALL of the original creators information
  • *Publisher(Copyright Owner) – if you cover another artist song, even pre-1972, we will not accept it without proof that you have the rights to record it.
  • *Label Name – BWNR encourages EVERYONE to join Sound Exchange and create their own label or if you have one, make sure it is listed and provided to the station.
  • ISRC numbers CHANGE: under the new Music Act, Sound Exchange is the designated “collector” of royalties in the US. A database, which BWNR helps add to each month, is kept of all music royalties submitted by all digital broadcasters. The International Sound Recording Code is what tells them that it’s your song.  For more Information about International Standard Recording Codes click here
  • Bio/EPK
  • Social Media Links
  • Main Contact Name

*Required by US Copyright Law before material can be aired. Covers will not be aired with out the copyright information of the original publisher/copyright owner(s). This is for your protection and ours.

Email this information to: with “Music Submission” in the subject line. You can either attach the music or provide a link to download it.

Audio Formats Accepted

BWNR uses software that requires music to be in a format that makes sure we present your music at the highest quality possible. As of February 1, 2019 all audio has to be to submitted in the following format:

MP3 – minimum of 256kbps; 44.1 (the higher the better for quality).


Most webcasters work hard to make sure they send as much information about your music to the internet that they can. You can help them by creating metadata (also called meta tags sometimes) that contains as much information as you can. For example, that’s how the software BWNR uses lets you see all that  information when you listen in and your album cover gets seen too with a link to find out more or even buy the song. When submitting songs, make sure you have as much of the following:

Title – not the MP3 filename but the actual song Title with capital letters, punctuation etc. No “_”; no “-“; just the title like you made it on your album artwork.

Artist/Contributing artist – BOTH are important even if it is the same. The webcaster’s software will choose from either of these.

Album – Important so that it doesn’t have to be added manually by the webcaster.

Publisher/Copyright holder(s) – ALL of them; especially if it is a cover.

ISRC – this protects your music. If you have uploaded your songs to CD Baby & probably other services, you should have these codes.

As of February 8, 2019 – Any music submitted that does not meet the BWNR requirements will not be considered for airplay.

(please refer to your audio recording/mixing software for information on configuring to the above specs.)

It’s Easy and Free!

At BWNR we are totally about the musicians and artists so we NEVER ask you to pay us to air your music. So consider our station to get on the best 24/7, 365 days a year Independent Artist ONLY radio station on the planet!



Submission of your music does guarantee airplay. Submission does imply that you agree to let us air your music with no monetary obligations on the part of BWNR above that which is required by U.S. Copyright Laws. We are licensed through Sound Exchange and we pay the current royalty rate set by the Copyright Royalties Board on a monthly basis.

BWNR assumes no publishing rights to any musician’s work by airing it, but may ask for permission to use the music we decide to air on Compilation CDs. Any profit generated from these CDs will be used to raise funds to cover Bandwagon Network Radio’s yearly licensing fees and other expenses. BWNR Operations will contact artist to get written approval prior to production of said CDs.