Submit Your Music

Basic Information

As a US licensed internet radio broadcaster, BWNR is required to let you know we are authorized to broadcast through a statutory license issued by Sound Exchange.

BWNR submits monthly reports of the songs aired on the station to Sound Exchange. You will be paid airplay royalties by Sound Exchange but only if you are a registered member of Sound Exchange. Click the link above to start your free registration. BWNR encourages you to join even if you do not live in the United States because they are the designated collector of all royalty payments in the US by law.

Any submissions that do not follow the requirements listed below will not be considered for airplay. Do Not send multiple emails – one song only per artist.

BWNR presents your song using state of the art streaming software & apps.

Unlike podcasters, our stream is sent to the internet from the studio located in Ash Grove, Mo on a live feed to a streaming host located in Florida, USA 24 hours a day /7. Because of that, your work could be heard in any country around the world at any time of day!

BWNR also makes sure that listeners see everything about you including Title, Artist and Album name as well as the album art!

BWNR does charge a $10 USD submission fee that is used to support raising the yearly statutory license required in the United States that allows the station to broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The fee is then returned to the artists in the form of Royalty payments through the above mentioned Sound Exchange Artist account. Without your support, we cannot broadcast legally. We do not charge a fee unless your song is selected for airplay.

Required Information

There are several things we require before considering your music for airplay on our station. We accept original music or legally licensed covers.

After reading ALL of the information on this page, provide the following information in the message body when you fill out the submission form.

  • Artist/Band Name
  • Short BIO
  • Social Media Links

DO NOT send attachments or non-social media links inside the message – those emails will be deleted

DO NOT send music or information to the submission email address using a mailing list – those emails will be deleted

And finally, if you release a new single within the next 60 days of your first submission, it will be a BONUS submission at no charge.


ALL songs submitted must be an MP3 with a bitrate of 320kbs and a sample rate of 44.1k or it will be rejected. This is the radio standard for streaming and presents your work at the highest sound quality possible through the BWNR playout software.

ALL songs submitted must have the following information embedded or available to be embedded into the MP3 file.

  • Title
  • Artist and Contributing artist
  • Album Name or Title in its place if a single
  • Publisher(s)/Songwriter(s)
  • Label (leave blank if Independent)
  • HIGHLY recommended: the ISRC code Click here for more information. Registered Members of Sound Exchange can have this done for them as part of the registered account
  • Note: Submission of a cover will require you to provide a copy of the license agreement that you received showing it’s licensed with the original artist or their legal representative.

We Can Help You With Embedding Tags in Your MusicFile!

If you are unable to submit tagged audio, go ahead and let us know at submission time and we can help you out.

As part of the submission fee benefits, BWNR uses a software that embeds it for you. After we have tagged it for you, we will send you an updated copy back by email.

That makes sure all the information about your music is there so that when we play it, it shows up on the Royalty Reports. It gives you a great high quality MP3 file to upload any where you want including any streaming services.

Sound Like A Great Deal? Read on……

What Happens Next

If BWNR accepts your submission, you will be contacted by email with further information. Once the fee has been received, we will let you know by email when the debut date will be and other information.

If the team REALLY likes it. You may be contacted for a review of your Album or EP.

Since we are 24/7 and bound by US broadcasting rules, BWNR does not post playlists in advance of airing but will let you know the first time your song airs.

When we first get new music, we try to schedule it to receive as much airplay as possible within the limits of copyright laws and statutes BWNR is required to follow in the USA. So your song may get played up to 3 times a day!

If you have any questions at all, send an email to the address listed on the contact page under “About” on the menu.

Ready? Then let’s get started with your submission!

Submission of your music does guarantee airplay. Submission does imply that you agree to let us air your music with no monetary obligations on the part of BWNR above that which is required by U.S. Copyright Laws. We are licensed through
Sound Exchange and we pay the current royalty rate set by the Copyright Royalties Board to them on a monthly basis by submitting Spin/Listener reports. BWNR assumes no publishing rights to any musician’s or songwriter’s work by airing it.

By clicking the button above and submitting music for airplay, you acknowledge that you have read this disclaimer and agree to it.