Lee Reviews: The Hawkeyes – “One Plug In The Wall”







by Lee Miller – Musician/Songwriter Bristol, TN USA

I’ve got to begin this review with a statement, and that statement is LONG LIVE THE HAWKEYES!!!!! I have listened to their “One Plug In The Wall” album several times now, and it is an honest to God balls to the wall Rock album that is freaking great in every sense of the word! Hailing from the town of my favorite NFL football team, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, The Hawkeyes deliver their brand of Rock in a way that few bands ever have, or ever could. I’m definitely talking about greatness here!

If you threw bands like AC⚡DC, The Gin Blossoms, Zeppelin, some old Cougar Mellencamp, The Who, some badass southern Rock, a little bit of blues, Candlebox, and some others in a big melting pot, you’d have The Hawkeyes. That’s not to say that I am comparing them in any way to those bands, because they have a sound that is definitely all their own, and it’s a sound that stands out. That’s apparent on the first song on the album called “Miracle Man”. This is definitely the right way to kick off an album! The Hawkeyes flat out Rock with the pedal to the floor and they don’t let up!

The thunderous rhythms of Colin Bronnenkant on drums and Brian Chalmers who played bass guitar on this album are just intensified by the guitar playing of both lead vocalist Jay Wiley and lead guitarist Mike Grego. Just let me add that this album has some of the best guitar playing I have heard in quite a while, very reminiscent to me of Angus and Malcolm Young, not to mention others. Everything just freaking jells with the twin guitars. On top of the sheer musicianship this band brandishes is the amazing vocal work of Jay Wiley. His lyrics just flow, and his voice is a catalyst that propels The Hawkeyes beyond any other independent band out there. I can’t say enough about how awesome this band is! I hear a lot of bands out there with major labels who just cannot even come close to touching the level that The Hawkeyes are on! It truly makes me wonder what the Hell is wrong with the music industry, but then again, I already know the answer to that.

Now, let’s move on to the other eight tracks on the album. “Ghost” and “Davenport” are straight ahead heartland Rock anthems with stories of their own to tell. These songs take me back to a time when Rock music was real, true, and honest. “Hours & Miles” continues the flow into one of my favorites from the album and that is the title track of the album, “One Plug In The Wall”. This song is all about a Rock and Roll dream, and getting out there, busting your ass, and trying to make it. I can relate! “Old Town” shows the greatness of this band on every level and continues what I have found to be a gem in the crown of Rock and Roll royalty. “7 & A Quarter” and “Junior” steam rolls the point home before “Had Enough” closes out the album, leaving one to wish there were more songs. I kept thinking at the conclusion of the album, “No, I want to hear more of this awesome band!” I know that there will be more from them in the future, because they are truly amazing. More stories to be told from the road. Stories that people can definitely relate to, like what’s on this album.

The Hawkeyes are a band that needs to be heard and “One Plug In The Wall” is an album that everyone who loves great Rock music should hear! Awesome job by an absolutely awesome band! Just as I began this review, let me end it with the same statement, LONG LIVE THE HAWKEYES!!!!!