Bandwagon Network Radio Establishes Hall of Fame to Honor Early Contributers

Bandwagon Network Radio is proud to announce the creation of our very own Indie Hall of Fame to honor the bands who starting airing on the station in 2014.

“When the station was created, we basically just started scouring the internet by using MySpace & Reverbnation. It was incredible to find out how much music was out there no one had heard about.”, said Cliff Broyhill, BWNR Founder & Operations Director. “We were nothing more than a bunch of friends & family members who had no clue about how to do this but it was working.”, he added.

When BWNR went “live” on May 23, 2014, the station had only a handful of Indie Artists and songs. The rest of the day was filled with “mainstream” music. By September, that had started to change and by the end of October, the station had received almost 1000 songs just by reaching out on Social Media and asking them for permission to air their music. BWNR was now a truly independent artist only internet webcaster.

It was during the first six months that the group that started the station was getting smaller due to things going on in life but the two brothers kept going on their own for the most part grinding it out late into the night and early morning hours to keep it moving forward.

Some of the first HoF bands to air on BWNR opening night were Boss Tweed, Eddie Mac, The Koniac Net, World Famous Johnsons, Alice Sweet Alice, The Crushing Violets, Victor Snow and Cryptic Memoirs. The rest of the Charter Members were added by the end of 2014, including Tea Society(now TOISOC) who was the first international band to send a CD to the station from overseas, The Nursery from Canada who provided the 500th song ever submitted, and The Muggs from Detroit, MI who became the inspiration for the popular, and longest running, program “Sunday CD Showcase” when they sent the station every CD they had ever produced.

“It’s been an amazing ride so far. I’m humbled and honored by the support the station has gotten the past 5 years.”, stated Cliff. “With no budget to advertise, spending our own money to even get it running and asking nothing in return, I think we’ve done a fine job supporting the artists. And they and the fans have responded very positively to the concept.

To see the entire list of inductees, and learn more about them, click here.