Lee Reviews: Nathan Bryce & Loaded Dice – “Nathan Bryce & Loaded Dice”








By Lee Miller – Musician/Songwriter from Bristol, TN USA

From the moment “JJ Hector” begins, Nathan Bryce and Loaded Dice showcase their second to none brand of Blues Rock songs, and the self titled album never let’s up! Definitely some of the best songwriting and best guitar work around! When “J.J. Hector” reaches the 4 minute mark and the blistering solo kicks in, you know that this band knows how to captivate its audience and deliver. And they come no holds barred!

Fronted by guitar virtuoso, songwriter, and vocalist, Nathan Bryce, he and his band, Loaded Dice, consisting of Cody Cook on bass guitar and vocals along with Jeff Whittington on drums are a trio that just kicks ass! I have to say that this album has blues laden guitar solos that I haven’t heard anything comparable to since the days of Stevie Ray Vaughn. Nathan just smokes on guitar! He’s definitely one of the best guitarists around! And Loaded Dice just delivers when it comes to powerful rhythms and grooves. It’s like 8 ball in the corner pocket and let’s roll the dice, baby! We’ve definitely got a winner here! This album truly has it all!

The songwriting is nothing short of spectacular! The content and structure, musically and lyrically, is just superb!

“Tired” is the second track and it flows perfectly after the album opener! One of the best songs I have heard in a long, long time, along with the song, “Be Good”. “If you can’t be good, be good, be good at it”. I love this line from the song, and the song is killer! These songs have meaning and you can truly feel the Blues in every one of them.

Speaking of the Blues, “Boombox”, “Movin” “Blues Is All I Know”, and “430 Cry” sums up what this band and this amazing album are all about! What a way to end an album full of the best music ever!

“Boombox” is one of my favorite songs on this album and I can’t stop listening to it! It’s just that freaking awesome!!!!! “Movin” is straight ahead Southern Blues tune that everyone can relate to, “Blues Is All I Know” is the absolute perfect Blues song, and rounding out this 10 song masterpiece is “430 Cry”, quite possibly the best instrumental I have heard in my life! I would put it up against any instrumental Stevie Ray ever did! That’s just how amazing it is!

I can’t say enough about how awesome Nathan Bryce and Loaded Dice are! Cutting edge songs that people can relate to and music that will keep your attention and keep you coming back for more! One listen to this album and you’ll be hooked for life! I definitely am! Boombox quality for life!!!!!