Lee Reviews: Shadowfields-“Festival For One”

Lee Miller – Musician/Songwriter from Bristol, TN USA

“Awake” begins Shadowfields’ absolutely amazing new release, “Festival For One”, an album full of the most brilliant songwriting and some of the best music, vocals, and vocal harmonies I have ever heard in my life! Heather Humphrey and Tom McKeown put their hearts and their talents into this awesome release and it truly shows, paying off in dividends!

And let’s not forget the rest of this incredible band! Jim Livas, Tony Meadors, and Gary Jacklin. All amazing and gifted musicians. I also need to mention the wonderful album artwork of Aeden Kurt Humphrey. Truly spectacular!

When I first listened to “Festival For One”, I found myself falling in love with each and every song that played! That’s a testament to just how truly epic this album is! The instruments, ranging from guitars, piano, mandolin, banjo, electric and acoustic bass, violin, flute, harmonica, keyboards and drums, all serve as a beautiful backdrop to a lyrical and vocal content that paints many portraits. You can close your eyes, listen, and immerse yourself in the world that is Shadowfields. A world that they alone own. Many bands strive to find themselves, but Shadowfields know who they are and with one listen, you will find yourself clinging to every note and to every word. That’s the definition of greatness! That’s the definition of Shadowfields!

“Odly Words” is the second song on “Festival For One”, and it’s about lost love. The music is both breathtaking and haunting. Heather and Tom’s vocals blend together beautifully and you can feel their emotion in every line they sing. You feel that in all ten of the songs included on this album. One of the pinnacle songs for me on this album is “Alice”. Both musically and lyrically you are taken into Alice’s world, a world of beauty and bliss, and longing. After all, it is Alice’s festival, and “Festival For One” never disappoints.

A lot of times I find myself likening bands or artists that I review to other artists, but Shadowfields are different. They are a band on a plane of existence in the musical world that truly is all their own, and they own it! Songs like “Never Again”, “The Deed Is Done”, and album closer “My Clues” prove that in so many ways!

I have fallen in love with this band and this album! I cannot thank them enough for sending this CD to me and inviting me into their Shadowfields world! Definitely some of the best songs I have ever heard! How awesome that this album was actually mastered on my birthday, April 26! I believe my reviewing it is definitely fate!

If you’ve never heard of Shadowfields, I urge you to get your hands on this absolutely amazing album! A “Festival For One” is definitely a festival for all who hear it!!!!!

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