About BWNR

Bandwagon Network Radio was founded in Ogallala, Nebraska in February 2014 with intent of giving independent musicians and artists an opportunity to get their music aired in a true “radio station” format. Since that time, BWNR has received 1000s of songs from all over the world. Since October of 2014, the station has operated from Ash Grove, Missouri – a small town NW of Springfield, Missouri.

Bandwagon Network Radio is legally licensed to broadcast by way of a license granted to the station by Sound Exchange starting in January 2016 and has continued to contribute to the indie artist by paying royalties on a monthly basis.

BWNR is one of the rare webcasters who is not associated with any media company and, like the artists we air, the station has worked hard to maintain its status as an independent radio station since its creation in 2014.

Social Media
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